GPG Highlights

After the initial announcement from Fanbase Press, the Geeky Parent Guide released its first introductory post on April 6, 2017.

I love the idea of researching different ways for parents to become and stay connected with their children, from a young age through their teen years. I hope that the Geeky Parent Guide will become a place for parents to not only find great information, but to connect with each other.

Track what people have said about the GPG or special highlights:

“Love it! Sharing with all the geek parents I know.” –Facebook Community

“Moments like this seem to make everything okay. #geekyparent” –Tweet Liked by Mark Hamill

The Not-So Secret Society, an advanced review – Provided by BOOM! Studios

A geeky parent gets attention by The Last Jedi. –Tweet Liked by Mark Hamill

“Fans of #FanbasePress…” – popular tweet for #LAComicCon

“All Good Things” Anniversary –Engaging Facebook Community about Star Trek: The Next Generation

“Check out these awesome sites and people that make comics their priority” – Mentioned by Mad Cave Studios