Geeky Parent Guide

The Geeky Parent Guide (GPG) is a Featured Series on Fanbase Press, aimed to help parents stay current with all things geeky, whether it be comic books, movies, fun activities or places to go, or anything related to space travel. The GPG’s hope is to help parents know what’s trending, while also making it easier to share their favorite things with their kids – and eventually have their kids share their favorite things with them.

Travis Lakata created the GPG in the hopes of providing additional content for Fanbase Press, an organization that supports creators and their works, while also sharing the ins and outs of pop culture with all of its fans. The GPG is an online community for parents, where parents can chat about their favorite things, while it also serves as a way for Travis to show his kids what he enjoys in all of geekdom, and maybe they’ll learn to communicate just as easily.