Calling for a Swan When There Isn’t a Song to Sing

I’m left,

Alone without a stage or a path,

My direction is unknown,

And the surrounding darkness is impenetrable to see through,

To see beyond a moment that’s better than where I stand right now.

Trudging the murkiness,

Others burst forward and never a glance,

Never a motion, a hand to pull me along,

The emptiness surrounds every step,

Sand pours over my head,

Disrupting what view I have and weighing down my thoughts,

While ankles drag mud,

Deeper and deeper until my knees must hurdle each passing step.

Left to scream,

Without a voice to be heard,

As every wandering ear listens to the drums of their own gasp,

Big, bold breaths consume the air,

Becoming foul and hot to the touch,

Unable to feign a smile,

The stench brings me to tears.

Clouds form in my mind,

Taking away any sense of who I am,

A person,

A husband,

A father,

Acrimonious murmurs spoil the drudgery,

As their whispers dredge into my skin,

Heart tearing,

soul leaking,

head numb to the constant yammering,

ignoring an existence entrenched within their own.


Alone and quiet on the outside,

Brain screaming inside,

Grasping to be listened to,

Realizing no one cares to know,

My thoughts,

My dreams,

My intentions to care for those I love,

And those precious few speak to me,

Awakening my spirit,

Memories swirling around reminding me of happiness,

Its possibility isn’t foreign or impossible,

It’s only covered by spiteful ambitions and uncherished feelings.


Endearing and enduring.

It is the ultimate reality,

Breaking through the unrelenting fog of despair,

Reaching for a familiar hand,

A face,

A smile brilliantly beaming,

Curing the ails and enforcing the everlasting support that comes with being in love,

And loved.